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CJLC Study Trip (Fall semester)[3月 01,2016 ]

We made a study tour to Himeji-jyo and Naoshima from November 26 (Thu.) to 27 (Fri.), 2016. The participants included 136 international students at CJLC (J Program: 59, M program: 64, G Program: 5), 6 at Aichi Prefectural University, 1 at Osaka Seikei University, 6 at Setsunan University, 2 at Sonoda Women’s University, 6 at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, and 4 Konan Women’s University. On 26, we visited Himeji-jyo (姫路城) and enjoyed the view, and on 27, visited Naoshima (直島). The tour was a good opportunity for students to develop friendly relations among themselves.


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