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CJLC Study Trip[6月 27,2023 ]

We made a study tour to MIKIOTO Pearl Island and Ise-Jingu Shrine from June 21 (Wed.) to 22 (Thu.), 2023. The participants included 192 international students at CJLC (U Program: 59, J Program: 54, M program: 55, ASEAN short-term program: 2), 3 at Setsunan University. In addition, 4 students and professors of Mahidol University who had visited Osaka University for training participated in this tour. On the 21st, we visited Meoto Iwa(夫婦岩) and MIKIOTO Pearl Island(ミキモト真珠島) enjoyed the view, and on the 22nd, visited Ise-Jingu Shrine (伊勢神宮). The tour was a good opportunity for students to develop friendly relations among themselves.

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