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CJL Renamed to CJLC[4月 01,2005 ]

This center was founded in 1954 as the Special Course for Foreign Students‚ the only institution in Japan to offer graduate school preliminary education to Japanese Government Scholarship Students (Research Students). Subsequently‚ following an increase in student numbers and diversity‚ in 1991 it was reformed as the Center for Japanese Language (CJL). In addition to offering preparatory education in the Japanese language‚ CJL began to engage in earnest not only in education but also in research of the Japanese language and culture‚ specifically targeted at foreign students specializing in the study of Japan. Now‚ with the passing of the 50th anniversary of the initial preliminary education program and the switch to a National University Corporation‚ in April 2005‚ aiming at the further enrichment of education and research‚ the center has been renamed as the Center for Japanese Language and Culture (CJLC).



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