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Lecture prior to going on a field trip (July 26, 2016) [7月 29,2016 ]

A lecture prior to going on a field trip was given for the Maple students at the CJLC Hall on July 26. This time, they will be going to the Kurotani Washi Kaikan (a place where you can experience making traditional hand-made Japanese paper), exploring Amanohashidate (a sandbar which is one of Japan’s three scenic views), and touring Hakurei Brewery where they will see how sake is brewed. Professor Kaoruko Matsumura gave a lecture on how Japanese paper as well as sake is made. In addition, she explained about “The Legend of Shuten-doji” (a story about a mythical “oni” leader, famous for his thirst for sake), which is the model for the brewery’s flagship product, using a picture scroll. All this information certainly heightened expectations for the last field trip for the Maple Program 2015-2016 students.






(in Japanese)

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