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Maple Program [M]

Lecture prior to Experiencing Zazen (January 9, 2018) [1月 11,2018 ]

A lecture regarding Zazen (Zen meditation) was given for the 79 Maple students by Professor Hitoshi Kato at the CJLC Hall on January 9, 2018. They will be experiencing Zazen (Zen meditation) next week as part of their Special Seminar on Japanese Language and Culture.

Professor Kato gave a lecture on Buddhist thought with 3 keywords “Kyo (Buddhist teachings)”, “Gyo (practicing the teachings)” and “Sho (enlightenment through practice), and then explained what “Gyo” means in different Buddhist sects.

In the class the week after experiencing Zazen, students will engage in the worksheets to improve their ability to gain knowledge, to relay information, and to discuss.

(in Japanese)

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