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Kamikiri (Paper Cutting Art) Workshop [2月 15,2021 ]

On February 8, the Maple Program invited Master Niraku Hayashiya and his protege, Hachiraku, to hold a Kamikiri (paper cutting art) workshop, in which 25 students from Maple Program and 2 students from J Program participated on the Zoom call.

In the morning, the students learned about Kamikiri and considered the skills required for it through one-stroke drawings. Each group then thought up a challenging theme.

In the afternoon, Master Niraku and Hachiraku, gave a Kamikiri performance. They selected 紙切りの紙切り, マスク美人, コロナウイルス, 悲しいクジャク, 喧嘩する人 from the themes the students had thought up in the morning. At the end of the day, the students cut out the shapes of a rabbit and a cat.

The Master clearly explained Kamikiri to the students, who had a fun time and deepened their understanding of the traditional Japanese performing art of Kamikiri. (in Japanese)








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