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Maple Program [M]

Experiencing a Kyogen play [7月 26,2021 ]

On May 18th, the Maple Program invited Izumi-style Kyogen performers, Hirokazu Yamamoto and Shinya Izumi, to give an online class. This class was held for 53 students as a part of the required course “Japanese Language and Culture Seminar.”
First, the students learned an outline of the play “Busu” and were taught how to use a fan. Next, they watched a video of “Busu” performed by Mr. Yamamoto and Mr. Izumi. After that, the students were taught how to express emotions and make animal noises, which they tried themselves.

During the question and answer session at the end, the students actively asked many questions, and the instructors gave clear explanations with demonstrations each time. We believe that the students’ understanding of Kyogen, a traditional Japanese performing art, was deepened through today’s class.





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