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Visit to the Ozeki Sake-brewing Industry [2月 04,2014 ]

On January 28, Students of the practical Japanese course visited the Ozeki sake-brewing industry at Nishinomiya city of Hyogo prefecture. First we saw the product line of ‘One Cup Ozeki,’ the company’s most famous merchandise. It was amazing that sake bottles, moving on the line at high speed, were checked one by one and the bottles with some problem were rejected accurately.
After that we visited a sake brewery called ‘Kotobuki-gura,’ where we could see the whole process of sake production. On the floor for fermentation the staff opened the tank lid to show us the state of fermenting sake and gave us the sake at that stage for tasting.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the staff in the Ozeki sake-brewing industry who gave us an attentive tour guidance and a detailed explanation about sake producing.



















































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