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J Program Field Trip to Nara and O-zumo at Osaka [4月 07,2015 ]

On March 9 we held a field trip for watching O-zumo (Grand Sumo Tournament). It was a joint event with Nara University of Education. Fifty students of Osaka University and twenty-seven of Nara University of Education were participated in it.
After joining at Nara University of Education, we visited a special exhibition “Omizutori”  at Nara National Museum, after that went to visit a Sumo museum, ‘Kehaya-za,’ located at Katsuragi city in Nara prefecture, where the first Sumo match was said to be held. In the museum a stuff member gave us a brief lecture about Sumo’s history and then we saw various things exhibited there. The museum had a ‘Dohyo’ (Sumo ring) inside, which anyone could go up on. Some students tried a Sumo match on the Dohyo in their own way.
Next we went to Namba of Osaka and watched Sumo matches of March Grand Sumo Tournament.

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