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Seminar course in translation for Practical Japanese Course students [7月 17,2015 ]

Seminar course in translation was held for the Practical Japanese Course students on June 2, 9 and 16 (three classes in all) under the instructor, Ms. Ota. In the first class she gave us a lecture on general topics in translation, such as the kinds of translator’s job, the career pass for being a translator, the skills required for translators. In the next class students did practice of consecutive interpreting, using an interview in Japanese and English as a training material. They did Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation and some translated Japanese parts into their mother tongue. The third and last class was for practice of simultaneous interpretation. Three students at a time did simultaneous interpretation sitting in the interpretation booth equipped for the university’s interpretation training room, while the other students listened to their translation on the floor.

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