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Maple Program [M]

Lecture Prior to Going on a Field Trip [10月 12,2017 ]

A lecture prior to going on a field trip was held for the Maple students on October 10 at the CJLC Hall. In this field trip, the 79 Maple students will experience “pottery making” in Tanba-Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture on October 17, 2017.

The students will improve their ability to gain knowledge, to relay information, and to discuss, through the activities of 1) researching the pottery beforehand, 2) experiencing the pottery making, and 3) sharing and discussing what they have researched, learned, and experienced in MDR classes.

Professor Tsuta gave informative lecture on Japanese pottery as a part of pre-learning activity. In addition to showing how Japanese pottery is made, he also gave the students some ideas of what aspects they can research about the Japanese pottery, such as history, food culture or science.

The students will learn about the Japanese pottery from various perspectives in accordance with their interests for a few weeks.

(in Japanese)

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