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Experiencing Zazen [1月 18,2018 ]

Dr. Koju Sato, a Buddhist scholar and also a chief priest at Fukujuin Temple, which belongs to Rinzai Sect Daitoku-ji school, was invited to have our students get a firsthand glimpse of zazen (Zen meditation) on January 16, 2018. This special seminar was held for the 79 Maple students as part of their “Special Seminar on Japanese Language and Culture” course.

On that day, the CJLC Hall was turned into a special room covered with 30 tatami mats. First, Dr. Sato explained that “body” “breath” and “mind” are the basics of zazen, and demonstrated how to position the “body” and how to “breathe” during zazen with his disciple. After that, the Maple students become aware of their wavering “mind” through experiencing 20 minutes’ zazen. They had a lively discussion with Dr. Sato during Q&A session before the class ended.

(in Japanese)

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