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Maple Program [M]

PBL Activities and PBL Presentation [8月 06,2020 ]

In the Maple Program, from spring to summer term, we engaged in PBL (Project Based Learning) activities to explore the city of Minoh in which we live. The purpose of this activity is to think about “what Minoh is” by learning about the nature, history, culture and society of Minoh, discuss it in groups, and present and communicate it in an appropriate form.
The students worked together as a group to explore “what Minoh is” and presented their findings at the presentation event in July (7/7, 7/14, 7/21). At the presentation event, we were joined by business people who took an interest in our international students’ activities to deepen their understanding of the region, as well as professors from other departments of Osaka University, and we had a lively question and answer session.
We received a lot of information about Minoh City and advice for the presentation from the Minoh Sightseeing Volunteer Guides, Minoh Park Management Office, and the professors from the Center for the study of CO Design and the Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka University. We very much appreciate their cooperation in helping our activities. Thank you very much.

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