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Maple Program [M]

PBL Activities and PBL Presentation 2021 [7月 26,2021 ]

In the Maple Program, we engaged in PBL (Project Based Learning) as last year to explore the city of Minoh in which we live. The purpose of this activity is to think about the uniqueness of Minoh by learning about the nature, history, culture, and society of Minoh, and present and communicate it in an appropriate form.
The students worked together as a group to explore the uniqueness of Minoh, and presented their findings at the presentation event in July (7/6, 7/13). There was an active questions and answer session, and international students were able to deepen their understanding of the local community. Many people including members of the Minoh Volunteer Guide MV Club, the Minoh Park Management Office, companies interested in the international students’ activities, and professors from other departments of Osaka University attended the presentations.
This activity project was made possible with the cooperation of the people of Minoh City. Thank you very much for taking time to cooperate with our requests for interviews and questionnaires from international students. We would also like to thank the members of the Minoh Tourism Volunteer Guide MV Club for providing us with various information about Minoh City in the online Q&A session. Thank you very much.







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