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Undergraduate Students Program [U]

Study Tour (Japanese History) [2月 22,2012 ]

DATE: November 11, 2011


SITE: Matsuyama District (Uda-shi, Nara Prefecture)


PARTICIPANTS: 20 U program students (humanities/social sciences major)


On 11 November, 2011, all the students taking Japanese history class visited Matsuyama District in Uda-city, Nara prefecture. They visited Kubo Brewery, the oldest Sake maker there for more than 300 years since the Genroku era( 1688-1704 ).After studying how to make Sake, the students, over 20 years old, enjoyed the taste of Sake. Matsuyama District flourished as a center of medicine industry for a long period of time. The students got instructed about the history of traditional medicine at the Medicine Museum in the same district.


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