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Japanese Language and Culture 2022〜2023

No. Date Category Author Title Page
50 March 2023 Article NAKATA, Hitoshi On ‘soshite’ and ‘y’ 1-36
Article KOMORI, Mari Disposition Development of International Students in Graduate School when Facing and Coping with the Difficulties of Writing Research Papers : A Case Study 37-64
Article YAMAKAWA , Hutoshi On the Non-causative Interpretation of Saseru-sentences in Japanese 65-78
Article MIZUNO , Akiko Rereading Ryūnosuke Akutagawa’s Un 79-98
Article MATSUOKA , Rina Effects on Participants of a Japanese Language Learning Supporter Training Program for Faculty and Administrative of a University Science Research Institute : How did the Program Help Solve the Problems Faced by the Technical Department? 99-128
Article MATSUOKA , Rina. / SASAGAWA , Fumie Evaluation of a Remote Class Observation System for Japanese Language Teacher Training : Qualitative analysis of a questionnaire for teachers of the training program on the class observation side 129-160
Article MATSUURA , KOSUKE / TAMURA , Yuki-shige Phonetically-Based Phonology and Dialect Acquisition : Two Barriers for Osaka Japanese Learners 161-192
Note GONOJI, Masahiro Aoki Shigeru and Ancient Greece : “Greek Warriors” and a waka on Hylas 193-210
Note SHIMOMURA, Ayumi / TANIGUCHI , Moeko A Study on Creating Elementary Japanese Reading Materials : Difficulties in Creating Materials that are Conscious of the Connection to the Intermediate Level 211-223
Note SHIBATA, Yoshinari “GankakeTyohouki” : The Book of the Blessings of the Gods and Buddhas of the Edo Period 223-242
No. Date Category Author Title Page
49 March 2022 Article TSUTA, Kiyoyuki An Evaluation Called “Hissei Kobu”: An Introduction to the Study of Literary Criticism through the Shōmonos 1-18
Article TAKAI, Miho Establishment and Maintenance of Co-Membership as “Struggling Young Job Hunters” in Discussions between Japanese Friends: Focusing on Interactions among Participants Who Choose Different Paths 19-42
Article MATSUOKA, Rina/ NAKATANI, Shinya The Significance of Observing Remote Japanese Language Classes with Students from Multiple Universities: What Japanese Language Education Trainees Can Learn from Trainees at Other Universities 43-70
Note NAKATA, Hitoshi An Analysis of the Japanese Connective Particles ‘kara’ and ‘node’ in Interactional Discourse 73-96

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