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IWAI , Shigeki / KOMORI , Mari /TACHIKAWA, Makie / MATSUURA , Kosuke Significance and Issues of Holding a Regional Collaboration Type Seminar during a Short-term Exchange Program 1-14
FUJIHIRA, Manami / BEKE , Lisa / RATTANASERIWONG , Sangtiean / VRBOVSKY , Matej / KATO , Hitoshi Assessment and Efficacy of Videos Aimed at Easing Anxiety Towards Studying Abroad in Japa n: Based on a Survey Targeting International Students and Administrative Staff 15-30
NAKATANI , Shinya / SASAGAWA , Fumie / FUJIHIRA , Manami Teaching Assistants’ Learning through ICT Support for Online and Hybrid Classes : A Case Study of a New Approach to TA Activities 31-46
TANIGUCHI(IDE) , Kyoko A Report on Intermediate Grammar & Vocabulary Class in an Online Intensive Course : Focusing on Output Activities 47-58
FUJII , Miyuki Counter Arguments in Japanese Language Learners’ Essays 59-68
FURUTA, Tomoko Learning about collaborative activities through simultaneous online 69-81



TACHIKAWA, Makie / KOMORI, Mari / IWAI, Shigeki Practice and Issues of Regional Cooperative Project-based Learning in Short-term Exchange Program. 1-11
FUJIHIRA, Manami Syllabus and Course Design of Blended Japanese Language Learning for Science Laboratory-based Education. 13-32
MATSUOKA, Rina Curriculum and Management Methods of the Japanese Language Learning Supporters Training Program at a Science Research Institute: Exploring Sustainable Ways of Implementation. 33-49
SASAGAWA, Fumie / NAKATANI, Shinya / FUJIHIRA Manami Class Management Support for Teachers at Hybrid Classrooms: A Case Study of the Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Osaka University. 51-67
FUJII, Miyuki Japanese Learners’ Corrections of Essays 69-77
MORITA, Takeshi On the Syllabus of Mathematics in F Program 79-86

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