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2023 CJLC STUDY TRIP[11月 28,2023 ]

From November 21 (Tuesday) to November 22 (Wednesday), the CJLC International Student Study Tour for the autumn-winter semester was conducted. A total of 125 international students from the center participated, including 57 from the J Program, 50 from the M Program, and 8 from the F Program. Additionally, four students from Setsunan University joined the tour. Including accompanying faculty and staff, the total number of participants was 130.
On the first day, participants enjoyed free exploration at Nagahama Kurokabe Square, had lunch, and then visited Eiheiji Temple. On the second day, they visited Kenrokuen Garden, had lunch, and then traveled to Shiga Prefecture to visit Hikone Castle.
Starting from the 2023 academic year, the J Program, M Program, and F Program began conducting joint autumn study tours. Activities such as karaoke, which had been canceled since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, were resumed, fostering lively interaction among students beyond program boundaries. The tour provided students with the opportunity to experience Japanese culture, making the two days meaningful.

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