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Japanese Studies Program [J]

J-Program Completion Ceremony [11月 06,2018 ]

Program Completion Ceremony was held on September 7. 58 students (37 Research Course students and 21 Practical Japanese Course students) had completed the Japanese studies program of CJLC. In the ceremony the certificate was given to each student, which was followed by congratulatory speeches by the executive vice president of Osaka-univ, Genta Kawahara and the director of CJLC, Hitoshi Kato. Next three J program students gave speeches about their experiences of this twelve months and in the end one U program student delivered a farewell address to the graduates. The research papers and the reports submitted by the J program students of 2017-2018 were published in two books, “Collected Papers of the Research Course Students 20″ and “Collected Reports of the Practical Japanese Course Students 17″.





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