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J Program Field Trip to Kompira Kabuki Theater [5月 07,2014 ]

On April 13 and 14, we made a field trip for seeing Japanese traditional theater performances, Ningyo-joruri (puppet show) at Fukura in Awaji-shima island and Kabuki plays in the Kanamaru-za theater at Kotohira-cho of Kagawa prefecture, which is the oldest Kabuki theater in existence in Japan.
A lot of students say in the report they submitted after the trip that it was good that they could see the actors’ performances so close up in the special theater having quite different atmosphere from modern theaters. As for Ningyo-joruri show, they say that they were impressed especially by the explanation about manipulating puppets that the puppet performers gave us before the performance. At the Kompira shrine, many students went up to the Okusha shrine which is at the middle of the Zouzusan-mountain .

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