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Study Tour of the Karahori area [6月 17,2015 ]

On May 19, the Practical Japanese Course students made a study tour of the Karahori area. This time we went for a guided tour in the area and experienced Katsuo-bushi (dried bonito) shaving in two groups and after that we held a workshop of brewing stock with shaved Katsuo-bushi. Under the guidance of Mr. Kojoma, the staff member of ‘Karahori Club,’ we went around the Karahori area seeing old private houses, traditional row houses and narrow alleyways that escaped war damages, as well as the Karahori shopping street and reformed old houses now used as shops or cafes. We experienced Katsuo-bushi shaving in a Katsuo-bushi shop, ‘Maruyo,’ founded in 1765 and now located in the Karahori shopping street, with the explanation about Katsuo-bushi by the shopkeeper, Mr. Okada. After that we experienced brewing Dashi (Japanese stock) in the ‘Kurumi-nagaya.’ We tried brewing Dashi with Kombu (sea weed) and Katsuo-bushi in three groups under the instruction of Ms. Yonemasu and made Sumashi-jiru (clear soup) with it. It was interesting that its taste was quite different among the three groups.

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