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Japanese Language and Culture 2011~2005

No. Date Category Author Title Page
37 March 2011 Article MATSUMOTO, Tomoko The Historical Change of “Ikanimo” 1-23
Note SHIMAMOTO, Takamitsu What Knowledge Means -On Metaphysical Knowledge(Religious Mysticism)- 25-46
Article OKUNISHI, Shunsuke A Janus Figure in Ancient Japan (1)-(33)
Note TSUTA, Kiyoyuki A Brief History of the Research on “Koso” and the Izenkei(Realis) (35)-(57)
36 March 2010 Article SHIMAMOTO, Takamitsu Okawa Shumei and Persia -The Way to Islamic Studies(2)- 1-25
Article SAKAUE, Ayako The Inappropriate Usage of Demonstratives for the Japanese Learners’ Spoken Language 27-44
Note FURUKAWA, Yuriko When a Compliment Sounds Sarcastic or Offence 45-57
Article SHIBATA, Yoshinari The Stories of Turtles in Japanese Classic Literature (1)-(15)
35 March 2009 Article SAKATA, Tatsuki A Stylistical Study of the Criticism on Kobayashi Hideo’s Work(I): On Nakao Shigeharu’s “Leap-Year Day” and Sakaguchi Ango’s “The Literature of the Guru” 1-26
Article XU, Yufen Pragmatic Analysis of Greetings in Japanese: Usage of “-ta” and “-ru” Forms 27-48
Note HARB, Hassan Fukuzawa Yukichi, Muhammad Abduh and the Western Civilization -Their Approach towards the Principles of Scientific Rationalism- 49-66
Article NIHONMATSU, Yasuko Textbook of the Falconry Handed Down to Shimoysukeno Clan-Compared it with the Textbooks of Other Styles- (1)-(26)
34 May 2008 Article SHIMAMOTO, Takamitsu Okawa Shumei’s Studies on Religions: The Way to Islamic Studies 1-22
Article XU, Yufen Discovery expressed by “-ta” 23-40
Article HARB, Hassan The Educational Thought of Fukuzawa Yukichi and Muhammad Abduh 41-66
Article MUNINTARAWONG, Siriwon The Enforcement in the ‘temorau’ and Thai Translation 67-87
33 May 2007 Article IWAO, Takanori A note on “tosuru” construction 1-16
Article NAKAMOTO, Koichiro Phase Interpretation and Aspectual Phenomena -An ecological psychological perspective- 17-36
Article UDDIN, Md. Monir Terms of Address for Kinship: A Constructive Study in Japanese And Bengali 37-54
Article BERTELLI, Giulio Antonio Count Alessandro Fé D’Ostiani, Italian Minister to Japan, and the problem of the admission of foreigners in the inner districts of the Empire -Centering on Italo-Japanese diplomatic and commercial relations in the first years of the Meiji Era- 55-81
Article CARMONA, Daniel William Tokutomi Sohou’s understanding of History -As Seen Through His Interpretation of the Coming of Perry’s Black Ships- 83-108
Report KLIMOVA, Olga The Second Expedition of Sublieutenant Khvostov and Second Sublieutenant Davidov to Sakhalin in 1807 and the Response of the Russian Government as seen in Russian Documents 109-124
32 May 2006 Article GONOJI, Masahiro Plautus in the Meiji Period: On a Translation of Menaechmi by Tsuneo Sagara 1-37
Article NAKAMOTO, Koichiro Properties, Actions and Meaning: A Frame-semantic Approach 39-61
Note IWAO, Takanori Quotative Construction and “Towa Construction” 63-72
31 May 2005 Article NAKAI, Atsushi The Traditional of Collecting Old Objects, the Descent of Treasuring Old Object: The Modernization of Japanese Historical Archaeology 1-26
Article BERTELLI, Giulio Antonio Miyazawa Kenji and the Rasuchijin Society: On the Forces Which Drove Him to This Activity 27-61
Note UMEMURA, Osamu The Skill of Summarized Spoken Japanese: A Comparison Between Foreign Students And Japanese Native Speakers 63-79
Note OTSUKA, Atsuko Disagreements in Group Discussions: The Case Of Japanese College Students 81-92

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