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On the Placement Test

To register for the subjects offered by the CJLC, you need to be evaluated for your degree of proficiency in Japanese. The evaluation is done through the placemenet test.


【Students who must take the test】
1. Those who wish to audit CJLC subjects
(Detailed information on auditing CJLC subjects will be announced here before the beginning of each semester)
2. Those who wish to take International Exchange Subjects
(Detailed information on International Exchange Subjects is found here)
* Students of U, J, M and G programs are supposed to take the placement test in the specified way in each program.


【About the test】
You are supposed to take the placement test by Internet-Based Testing system. Log on to the testing website and take the test. Placement test is divided into three areas (grammar, kanji and composition).
* As for the test of “Composition”(both for those who wish to audit and those who wish to take International Exchange Subjects), download the file (PDF or MS-Word) and complete it. Be sure to submit within the deadline to below email address. Detailed information is included in the file above. The result of the placement test will be sent by email.



【Placement test period】
Spring and Summer Terms:  March ~ Mid March(tentative)
Fall and Winter Terms:  September 2, 2019 ~ September 20, 2019
【Testing website】

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