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TACHIKAWA, Makie A Practical Report on a Career Design Class for International Students: As Part of a Research Subject 1-7
FUJIHIRA, Manami/ KANJAMAPORNKUL, Satida The Effectiveness of Prior-education in the Join Short-term Exchange Program 9-26
MATSUOKA, Rina/ TACHIKAWA, Makie A Survey of Chinese University Students Participating in Synchronous Distance Learning 27-40
MIYATANI, Atsumi/ IMANISHI, Toshiyuki/ MATSUOKA, Rina An Attempt at Japanese Language Teacher Training by Means of Collaborative Learning and Remote Classroom Observation 41-62
FUJII, Miyuki Learning Japanese through Online Classes 63-72
JIN, Zhu Developing Japanese Phonetics and Phonology Learning Materials for Learners of Japanese by Applying Instructional Design 73-83



KOMORI, Mari/ IWAI, Shigeki/ TAKAI, Miho/ IWAI, Yasuo/ GONOJI, Masahiro/ TACHIKAWA, Makie/ FUJIHIRA, Manami/ MATSUOKA, Rina/ MIZUNO, Akiko The Development of Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows through Education Support Activities: The Role and Learning of Graduate Students 1-19
LIU, Lingfang Learning from Japanese Cultural and Historical Study of Life of Modern Japan: Efforts of “Japanese Cultural and Historical Study of Life of Meiji and Taisho period”class 21-31
FUKUMITSU, Keiko The report of Shodo classes for foreign students: 17 years’ recount from 2003 to 2019 33-54
FUJII, Miyuki Speaking Activities for Multi-Level Classes 55-62



MIZUNO, Akiko Practice Report on “Advanced Japanese Reading” Class 1-8
JIN, Zhu Using Praat to Teach Japanese Prosody 9-27
FUJIHIRA, Manami/ SUZUKI, Motonobu/ NISHIO, Nobuhiro/ IMANISHI, Toshiyuki/ WATANABE, Shio/ KOMORI, Mari/ KATO, Hitoshi Future Potentials of Remote Classroom Observations in Japanese Language Teacher Training 29-47
KOSHIBA, Yuko A Study of Active Learning of Kanji: From Practice of “Writing” and “Speaking” 49-56
HISAOKA, Miho Japanese Early Modern Culture and Senchado: The Improvement of Class Methods and the Use of Reflection Paper at CJLC “Japanese Culture and Sado” 57-72
MORITA, Takeshi On the Syllabus of Mathematics in U Program 73-83



MATSUMURA, Kaoruko Efforts of “Japanese folklore” and “Introduction to Japanese Folklore” lectures 1-9
TAKAI,Miho/ FUJIHIRA,Manami/ YAMATO,Yuko/ TSUTA,Kiyoyuki Public Relations Activities of MAPLE Program via Facebook 11-21
FUJIHIRA, Manami On Constructing Japanese Teaching Training Models: Cooperation among Universities 23-39
INUI, Yukiko Reading Picture Postcards of Modern Japan: Reading practice for learners of Japanese language with early picture postcards 41-56
MORITA, Takeshi On the syllabus of mathematics in G program 57-65



YAMATO, Yuko Significance and Challenges of Japanese Lanbguage Teacher Training for Japanese Non-Native Speakers 1-17
OGURA, Yoshiro How to Use Indigenous Words and Chinese Loanwords Properly in Japanese Oral Expressions 19-30
NAKAOKA, Juri A Study of a Kanji Course Built upon Kanji-reading 31-43
JIN, Zhu A Report on Using Acoustic Analysis Software Praat to Teach Japanese Speech 45-62



MATSUGI, Naruo/ IWAI, Yasuo Reality of Phonemes: from assignments of the course “Introduction to Japanese phonetics and phonology” 1-10
VAAGE, Goran Teaching the Humour of a Foreign Language: A Case Study of Classes for L2 Learners of Japanese and Japanese Learners of English 11-21
OGURA, Yoshiro A Comparative Study of Japanese and English Onomatopoeia 23-33
KITAGAWA, Mika A way of learning kanji: related to students’ motivation 35-40
TAKATSUKI, Kimi A Study of the Listening Comprehension of the Mass Media 41-64
HIBI, Inaho A Report on Intermediate Conversation Class: Problems with Teaching Conversation and for Their Improvements 65-75
HIRAI, Kazuki A study of acquisition and expansion of vocabulary and expression in an advanced classes: Getting a collective view by observing from idiomatic expressions to high level Kanji 77-88
FURUKAWA, Yuriko Application of “Writing Style” and “Japanese Expressions” to teaching Japanese as a Second Language 89-103

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