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“No Border Fest in Minoh (March 30, 2024)”[4月 23,2024 ]

The international students of CJLC and the local people of Minoh Semba held “No Border Fest in Minoh”, a new festival where people can “enjoy diversity to the fullest” together. The event, which was held in March 2024, marked both the 70th anniversary of international student education programs of Osaka University, which welcomes students from more than 50 countries and regions every year, and the opening of a new station, Minoh-semba Handai-mae Station. CJLC students including Maple Program students involved in the management of the festival by opening and operating booths where people can experience various cultures, participating in workshops to think about city development together with children, working as staff and giving support to the visitor. The number of visitors on the day was approximately 1,000 people. CJLC students enjoyed interacting with many people through participating in this new festival.(Japanese)

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