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Maple Program [M]

2-Day Study Tour (Hasedera and Ise Grand Shrine) [12月 22,2016 ]

The Maple Program students went on a 2-day trip from November 29~30 as part of their special seminar on Japanese Language and Culture.
The first day was spent at Hasedera in Nara Prefecture, after which they visited Mikimoto Pearl Island where they experienced watching the ama divers (famous for collecting pearls without wearing scuba hear or air tanks, the majority being women) in action.

On the second day, the Maple Students toured the Ise Grand Shrine as well as strolled along Okage Yokocho, a quaint little village with old local shops and historic structures. Later, they stopped at Seki-juku to enjoy walking along the streets where the atmosphere of the Edo period still remains.

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