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Examinations and Academic Record



Evaluation methods include written and oral examinations, reports, papers, practical and other examinations. For some courses, the rate of attendance and marks in unscheduled examinations are also reflected in grading, or substituted for marks in scheduled examinations. For the evaluation method of each course, see the volume “Course Descriptions.”


● Matters to note regarding examination


(a) Information on scheduled examinations is posted on the bulletin board. For examinations other than scheduled ones, the instructor in charge will make an oral announcement. Since the announcements on examinations are subject to change, please check the bulletin board from time to time.


(b) The subjects for which scheduled examinations will be held will be announced two weeks prior to the first day of the examination period as a rule. The schedule and details of the examinations will be announced one week before the beginning of the examination period.


(c) If you appear in the classroom later than 30 minutes from the start time of the
examination, you will not be allowed to take the examination. Be careful not to be late for an examination. Students may leave the classroom 45 minutes from the start time of an examination.


(d) If a student is caught cheating or doing other unfair conduct in an examination, he/she should immediately stop the test, and his/her registration for the subject will be cancelled. Students guilty of unfair conduct will be subjected to disciplinary action in accordance with the school regulations.


(e) If you cannot take an examination through unavoidable circumstances, submit a Notice of Absence to the CJLC Office, where Notice of Absence forms are available.


(f) Taking an examination in a subject for which you have not been registered will not receive credit.





Achievement in each subject is evaluated as Grade S, A, B, C, or F as shown in the table below:










(out of 100)

100 – 90

89 – 80

79 – 70

69 – 60

59 – 0



(3)Notification of grades


The grades in subjects for which students have registered are notified by delivering a report card to each student after the end of the semester.



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