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General Info

Operation of the CJLC Office

(1) Office hours

The location and office hours of the CJLC Office are as follows (See also “CJL Students Manual”):


1st floor, Center for Japanese Language and Culture Building

Office hours


10:00 – 11:30


12:30 – 16:30

N.B. Unscheduled closures or changes in the office hours will be announced on the bulletin board.

(2) Communication of curriculum-related information

All curriculum-related information, such as on classes and examinations, will be communicated through the bulletin board. Be sure to check the bulletin board near the CJLC Office before attending a class.

(3) Telephone Inquiries

All information on class cancellations, schedules of school events, classes and examinations is communicated through the bulletin board. Inquiries by telephone will not receive a reply, and neither will inquiries about an instructor’s address or telephone number.

(3) Certificates

For student-related certificates, apply to the CJLC Office, using a Request for Certificate form. A certificate will be issued seven days from the date of application, as a rule. Around the end of the semester (March), when many students make applications, it may take 10 days or so.
Student-related certificates issued at the CJLC Office include:
(a) Transcript
(b) Certificate of Program Completion
(c) Enrollment Certificate (only for former students who did not complete the course)
(d) Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency

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