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Subject Registration

(1) Placement: Evaluation of degree of proficiency in Japanese

To register for the subjects offered by the CJLC, students need to be evaluated for their degree of proficiency in Japanese. The evaluation is done through a placement questionnaire and test. The schedule and location of the placement test will be posted on the bulletin board near the CJLC Office.

(a) Placement questionnaire
The questionnaire asks about your major at university/college, experience of learning foreign languages (including Japanese), etc. All students are required to answer the questionnaire and submit it to the CJLC Office.
(b) Placement test (written and interview tests)
Students who have previously studied Japanese should take a placement test for every semester.


(2) Hiragana and Katakana classes

To register for the subjects offered by the CJLC, students should have learned Hiragana and Katakana. If you have never studied Hiragana or Katakana, be sure to attend the Hiragana and Katakana Classes given during the period of orientation sessions. The schedule and location of Hiragana and Katakana Classes will be posted on the bulletin board near the CJLC Office.


(3) Explanatory meeting for registration (Orientation Sessions by Course)

At the beginning of each semester, meetings are held to give explanations on subject registration. All the students are required to attend the meetings, where textbooks and other materials for designated classes of required subjects may be handed out. The schedule and location of Orientation Sessions by program will be announced on the bulletin board near the CJLC Office.


(4) Registration

Subjects should be registered for every semester. For registration, use the Subject Registration Form attached at the end of this volume.
If you fail to register for a subject, you will not be graded for the subject or considered to have completed the subject, even if you attend the class. Any corrections in the subject registration forms should be made within the registration period. Take care in reparing and submitting your registration form.
The last day of the registration period is usually about two weeks after the beginning of classes. After the deadline, registrations will not be accepted. Be sure to finish subject registration at the CJLC Office within the registration period. (Registration by mail fax or e-mail will not be accepted.)


> Matters to note regarding subject registration

(a) You cannot register for a course which is not a designated subject.
(b) For some subjects, students are allowed to register for designated courses only. At the Orientation Sessions by Course mentioned in section (3) above, information will be given about important matters in registration. Be sure to pay attention to this information and follow the instructions in registering for subjects.
(c) After the deadline of the subject registrations, receive your Subject Registration Confirmation at the CJLC Office, and double-check that all requirements have been completed. You must return your signed Subject Registration Confirmation to the General Affairs Section, whether or not there are any corrections.


(5) Paper for completion of course

In some programs/courses, students are required to submit a paper for completion of the course. In accordance to the instructions in the program/course descriptions , submit the paper by the deadline.

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